How To Get Married Quickly in Australia

While most couples wait 12-18 months (on average) to get married, that timeline doesn’t work for every couple. There are several reasons you’d like to get married faster… It could be for visa purposes or you’re just fed up with the wait. 

Whatever your reason is, we’re here to help! We’ll walk you through the quickest ways to get married in Australia:

What is the quickest way to get married in Australia?

Normally, 30 days is the quickest turnaround time required to get married in Australia. That is because you need to submit a NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage ) form to your state’s government and the law says it needs to be submitted a month before your wedding date. 

But there are a few ways around this:

  1. You can get your celebrant to apply for a “Shortening of the Notice Period” which reduces that 30-day limit.
  2. You can get married overseas.
  3. You can get married online (in a different country).

We’ll go over each of those three loopholes below, but first, we’ll explain the fastest “normal” method of getting married.

Fastest "normal" steps to getting married in Australia

Unless you are in a huge rush, we recommend going through the normal method of marriage in Australia. We’ve married couples in 30 days this way and given them a full wedding experience with a photographer. You just need to follow a few steps:

1. Choose a celebrant

Find a marriage celebrant that can submit your NOIM on short notice and is available to have your wedding day in a month. We can help since we have several celebrants ready to go. Just share your information here and we’ll let you know if our celebrants have availability.

2. Submit Notice of Intended Marriage Application

Your celebrant will help you with this, but you need to submit this application ASAP. It contains pretty basic information and shouldn’t be difficult to fill out. They will also require some identification like passports or birth certificates.

3. Choose a date

Once it’s submitted you can pick a day 30 days out from that date. So get in touch with your vendors, get a permit for your wedding and inform everyone about your wedding date. If you choose Eloped, we can take care of most of that for you. 

4. Get married!

The only thing left to do is have your marriage ceremony. Your authorised marriage celebrant will have you sign the marriage certificate and it will be legally binding. You’re now married in around 30 days!

Getting married with less than 30 days' notice

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few sneaky ways to get married with less than 30 days’ notice. While we recommend waiting, these are your options for getting married even faster:

1. Shortening the notice period

Under special circumstances, you can shorten the 30-day notice period to less than 30 days. You will need to get your celebrant to apply with a Prescribed Authority to make this happen. 

The special circumstances include:

  • Employment-related or other travel commitments
  • Wedding or celebration arrangements
  • Medical reasons
  • Legal proceedings
  • An error in giving notice

Unless you fall into one of those categories it’s not worth considering, you will just be wasting everyone’s time. 

If you do get approval we can help you book a location and photographer on short notice. Just give us a shout and we’d be happy to help.

2. Get married overseas

Although this isn’t necessarily the fastest way of getting married “in Australia” – it is a way to get legally married. As long as you are abiding by Australian legal requirements of marriage, most overseas weddings are recognized (even same-sex marriages). You can go overseas, get married and return in far less than the 30-day waiting period here.

You have a ton of options if you’re looking to get married overseas, but make sure you consider the local laws. For example, it is tricky to get married in Mexico. A few of the best options for an Australian couple to get married overseas are:

  • Go to New Zealand and get married there. They require only a 3 working day notice period which is a lot shorter than Australia. There are also a ton of beautiful places to elope.
  • You can visit several US states. California has no waiting period to get married and Nevada is a famously easy state to get married in. 

3. Get married online

This is a relatively new way of getting married quickly and you can do it from the comfort of your own home in Australia. Note that this is not legal advice and we do not know if this marriage certificate will be recognized everywhere, we’re just sharing the information we know.

According to Australian law, you cannot have an Australian wedding online. The only way to legally have an “Australian” wedding is to have the couple in the same physical place as two witnesses and the celebrant. 

That being said, the state of Utah in the US has now opened up online marriages where there are no residency or citizenship requirements. You can read up about them here:

We don’t recommend doing this because you will miss out on the entire wedding celebration as a couple. It’s an option if you need it though. 

Wrapping up

Getting married in Australia can be a bit of a process, but with a little organisation and some help from Eloped, it can be done quite quickly. We’ve married a number of couples in under two months and we can do the same for you.

☝️ Get in touch to get married fast!

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