Will It Rain On Your Wedding Day?​

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One question that always comes up for us when planning weddings is: “What happens if it rains?”. There are contingencies you can take, like booking a back-up venue if your original one is outdoors, but most couples are hoping for beautiful sunny day.

We’ve created this calculator to help you pick the best day for your wedding. Using over 100 years of Bureau of Meteorology data you can see which days are historically the driest or wettest. Pop in some days you’re thinking about tying the knot and we’ll let you know if it’s likely to rain or not.

What is the wettest month?

If you don’t want to rain on your parade (wedding day), these months are the ones you probably want to avoid. Since Australia is such a big place with so many different climates, the time of year that it rains is heavily influenced by the region: 

  • Adelaide’s wettest month is June.
  • Brisbane’s wettest month is February.
  • Cairns’ wettest month is February.
  • Canberra’s wettest month is October.
  • Darwin’s wettest month is January.
  • Hobart’s wettest month is June.
  • Melbourne’s wettest month is November.
  • Newcastle’s wettest month is February.
  • Perth’s wettest month is July.
  • Sydney’s wettest month is June.

What is the driest month?

If you are set on having a dry, sunny wedding it may be worth traveling to have it out of state. Some regions, like Hobart, are consistently rainy year round. While others, like Darwin, rain like crazy for part of the year and then are dry for 5-6 months at a time. Keep in mind that during the dry months it can be exceptionally hot.. You and your guests may be begging for some rain!

  • Adelaide’s driest month is February.
  • Brisbane’s driest month is July.
  • Cairns’ driest month is August.
  • Canberra’s driest month is June.
  • Darwin’s driest month is July.
  • Hobart’s driest month is December.
  • Melbourne’s driest month is March.
  • Newcastle’s driest month is August.
  • Perth’s driest month is December.
  • Sydney’s driest month is September.

enjoy either way!

While we recommend being mindful of what the weather will be like around your wedding day, you shouldn’t be too worried unless your wedding is in the middle of the monsoon. Some of the best elopements we’ve hosted have been when the couple embraced the weather and made the most of the situation.

Just have a back-up location ready if your venue is outdoors and go with the flow. Don’t let a little thing like rain ruin one  of the best days of your life.


We analyzed daily rainfall data from the Bureau of Meteorology (http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/data-services/station-data.shtml) from a station closest to the city with the most data available. We went back to 1920 for most regions but excluded some years where there was missing data. Rainfall data was not included from 2021 or 2022. 

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